Can I break the wand when bending?

No. All Body-Reach+ Bendable Body Wands are made out of a fairly stiff plastic that will not break when bending or straightening. When bent, the wands will hold their curved position for a period of time to allow you to use pressure to scrub or apply lotions or medications even with a limited range of motion. The wands can withstand repeated bending in a variety of positions and remain unbreakable!  All Wands now come with a Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

How long will the SpongeAbles last?

Properly cared for, the SpongeAbles have lasted for more than 50 uses. If after applying either your medication or lotion with the Body-Reach+ Bendable Body Wand you immediately detach the SpongeAble, wash it with a mild soap, and rinse thoroughly with water, you can extend the life of the SpongeAble. Failing to wash away medications or other products from the SpongeAble after use, will greatly reduce the usage life of the SpongeAble.

Which wand size is right for me?

The Body-Reach+ Bendable Body Wands were created to help anyone who needs to apply lotion or medication to any hard-to-reach area of their body. The 14” Derm+ was developed to help anyone who has an excellent to good range of motion; The 18” Semi-Flex+ was designed to assist a person who has good to limited range of motion; The 22” Super-Flex+ was created to support those with limited to severely limited range of motion

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