About Us

ReachMate Plus, Inc. proudly manufactures the #1 Dermatology-recommend personal care tool, the Body-Reach+ Bendable Body Wand. The body lotion applicator wand, combined with the company's line of +Attachments, is designed to give you success with self-application of skin care products and medications for proper all-over skin care.  These patented products work effectively to extend your reach, increase your independence, and save you time, energy and money.
ReachMate Plus is headquartered in Laurel, Maryland, and the Body-Reach+ Bendable Body Wands are manufactured and ship just outside of Seattle, Washington.

Our History

"Sometimes people take for granted the little things that good health can enable – like being able to wash your back without help. Yet, life can throw curve balls, and almost everybody needs a little help with the basics at some time in their life." (Washington Small Business Development Centers, 2003) In 1994 Joel M. Abdo, inspired by his own personal limitations, invented a uniquely bendable reaching tool for both the able-bodied and disabled consumers. This useful tool has become invaluable to individuals who have restricted arm motion making it easier for them to apply all types of skin care products to their backs, legs, feet and other hard-to-reach areas of their body. After much research and several iterations, Joel believed he perfected his flexible body lotion applicator wand. In 2004, he introduced his life-changing product along with an array of attachments to the marketplace. Unfortunately, Joel passed away in March 2007 after a long-term struggle with health complications. To honor Joel’s memory and his passion to serve the needs of others, his brother Brian J. Abdo took over his business and works to continue his mission of bringing this unique and valuable product to those in need. "A focus on abilities instead of disabilities"



The Body-Reach+ Bendable Body Wand is manufactured in the U.S.A. ReachMate Plus is proud to partner with Work Opportunities for assembly, packaging and distribution of its products. Work Opportunities is a non-profit organization that provides job opportunities and employment services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Work Opportunities' mission to "promote self-determination, self-respect, and valued participation in the community intersects nicely with ReachMate's desire to demonstrate a high level of corporate responsibility by providing employment opportunities for people who have traditionally been denied the many benefits of having a good job and with the Body-Reach’s inventor, Joel’s passion for serving the needs of others. It's a win-win partnership for everyone concerned! For more information on Work Opportunities, visit www.workopportunities.org.